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In 1980, the Khalsa Chiropractic Association was formed. There were about 20 chiropractors, who were also students of Yogi Bhajan and members of the Sikh religion. They decided to start meeting on a regular basis, and to invite Yogi Bhajan to speak to them at these meetings. The first meeting happened in New Mexico at the 3HO Summer Solstice Celebration in 1980. Instead of lecturing, or teaching yoga, Yogi Bhajan, from the very first, began to teach them specific healing techniques. This has continued to the present for over 20 years.

From the beginning, I personally always enjoyed learning these healing techniques, but found that I did not know what to do with them afterward. The style of chiropractic and healing that I was using just did not fit with the type of body work that Yogi Bhajan taught us.

A significant turning point happened at a meeting in Millis, Massachusetts, in October of 1984. At this meeting, Yogi Bhajan taught us a procedure that had many different steps. After doing the procedure on one of us, he then told us that we had to perform this procedure on every other person there before we could go to bed. It was last afternoon at the time, and when we finally got the procedure written down and timed, we realized that it would take all night to fulfill this task. And that is exactly what we did! What we all learned, in addition to the actual technique, was a way of taking a procedure and really connecting with it, by doing it and having it done to us over and over.

Gradually, over the last 20 years, I found that I was taking little parts of what he had taught to us and starting to use it with my patients. It was hard for me, because there was no set formula for what to do. In order to work well with my patients, I had to totally trust my intuition and allow the procedures to flow. There were periods when things flowed well, and there were periods when things seemed completely stuck. What was so inspiring, was that when things really flowed, I could shift my patients on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in a way that I couldn’t do with any other technique that I had learned. I therefore knew that it was important to develop this in myself and to help other healers also develop this sensitive and familiarity with these tools.

Over the past 20 years, Yogi Bhajan has taught around 1000 different techniques. The Ten Body Tune Up, takes about 40 or so of these that I have found to be simple, yet extremely powerful and puts them together in a very flowing treatment that anyone can learn and anyone can benefit from. I believe that this treatment has the power of shifting not only the client who is being worked on, but the healer as well. Based on the way that I was taught, the training makes use of repetition and experiencing both sides of the treatment, from the perspective of the healer and the client. I also believe that over time, the practice of this technique will open up the healer’s sensitivity and intuition to a whole new level of awareness and consciousness, that can be used to start exploring the hundreds of other techniques that Yogi Bhajan has taught and continues to teach.


1 - SOUL
The soul is your essence that is one with the essence of the entire Creation. It is the longing of your soul to be in union (yoga) with God that inspires you to search for truth and light in your life.

There are three aspects of the mind. All thoughts are processed by these three minds. The first is the negative mind. It is skeptical, doubting and defensive. If someone says, “Jump”, your initial response as guided by your negative mind is “NO”. This protects you from jumping into danger. While it has great survival value, it can be an obstacle to trust and openness.

The second aspect of the mind is the positive mind, which is the optimist. After having an initial negative response, then your thoughts swing in the other direction, by exploring the question, “Why not?” It allows you to open yourself to imagining all of the possibilities and opportunities. It is like the brainstormer within you.

After swinging to both polls, the mind is able to finally reach a state of neutrality with each thought. This happens in the neutral mind. After analyzing very suspiciously all of the pitfalls, and then optimistically expanding on all of the potentialities and possibilities, the neutral mind finds a balance between the two that allows you to act in balance. Many people get stuck with a predominance of either the negative or positive mind, but it is the balanced person who allows their neutral mind to dominate.

Because so much of your sensory information comes from the physical body, it dominates much of your daily perceptions of reality. Many people don’t even relate to themselves as anything beyond this body. While it is this body that ties you to the physical earth through gravity, birth, death, and time, it is also the physical vehicle, which carries the other nine bodies. If you treat it with respect and give it the proper care through exercise, diet, hygiene, etc., it can help you to manifest your goals and live a life of happiness, health, and spiritual wholeness.

The arcline, or halo as it is called in the Western spiritual traditions, extends from one earlobe over the crown to the other earlobe. It is your projecting power of the mind. It is your intuition. It is your power of prayer. It opens your sensitivity to other dimensions besides the physical.

All living things have an energy field around them that is directly related to their inner vitality and strength. Weakness or holes in your aura will precede illness and disease in your physical body. This field extends out from your body and scans and interfaces with the world around you. Having a “magnetic” personality is directly related to the aura.

Prana is life force or Chi as the Chinese translate it. It is the energy of the breath that activates all of the body systems: circulation, breathing, metabolism, digestion, etc. As you learn to breathe with your whole being, allowing the energy of the breath to penetrate to every corner of the body, your Pranic body is strengthened.

Your subtle body is the most difficult to connect with because it is so delicate and intangible. This body is your connection to knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen. It gives you the power to respond to the subtle energy patterns of the incredibly diverse and awe inspiring world.

This is the highest manifestation of a human being. The ‘HU” in human is your hue or radiance. It is the quality within that gives you the courage to stand out and be outstanding. It is your warrior spirit, which will fearlessly challenge any obstacle to reach your goals. It is what makes you shine.


For the purposes of learning, the Ten Body Tune Up is broken down into six segments, each about five minutes long. Each segment will be taught and practiced as a unit. A general idea of the flow is as follows:

First segment - The client lies face up on the table. The session starts by activating the navel point and diaphragm. It them stimulates the lymphatic system. Then it opens up the pranic channels with deep breathing and a massage of the ears which opens up the inner ear and jaw. Then it stimulates the thyroid and heart.

Second segment - The treatment continues to stimulate powerful organ reflexes on the front of the torso: immune system, and liver. It then balances the energy of the lower abdomen, pelvis, and the sexual energy. Finally it works down the front of the legs.

Third segment - The client turns over and the work continues at the ankles, calves, and knees. Then the first chakra is stimulated by pounding on the buttocks.

Fourth segment - First the tailbone is massaged and then the hips and shoulders are stretched. Now the diagonal energy is opened up in the spine and then the nerves are stimulated by drumming on the spine. The kidneys, spleen and upper shoulders are stimulated. Finally the sugar and salt points in the upper back and the whole spine is stretched and pumped.

Fifth segment - The patient turns over facing up. The arms are massaged and then the neck is stretched. Powerful reflex points on the face are stimulated to balance the head, sinuses and jaw.

Sixth segment - The last segment starts by a powerful stimulation of the nervous system. The tension is released in the hands and feet. The last couple of minutes of the treatment are very relaxed for balancing the chakras from the navel point to the brow point.


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  1. Ten Body Tune Up Manual:  Color pictures and detailed descriptions of each technique. - $25
  2. Video of Dr. Khalsa performing the Ten Body Tune Up:  While the manual is important to see close ups of each technique, it is also important to see the body position and flow from one technique to the next.  This video is available as a video cassete or DVD. - $25
  3. CD - Steps of the Ten Body Tune Up:  Once you are ready to start performing the Ten Body Tune Up on your friends and family, it helps to have this CD to help you keep the time on track, and to remember which step comes next.  It is simply a CD of Dr. Khalsa saying each step at the appropriate time. - $10

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